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ANGEL 7 is piloted by Mike Dunkel. A former airline captain, Mike has an Airline Transport Pilot license with several type ratings in addition to the Experimental type rating required for the L-39. A life long enthusiast with a student license at age 16, Mike attended his first EAA event in 1973 and was a member in 1975. He started instructing, towing banners and giving aerobatic instruction in 1975. He is Eagle #993 in the Eagle Squadron Hanger at the EAA museum in Oshkosh, WI. Mike has flown over 100 types of aircraft from Cassutt's and Pitts to transport category jets. He lives in Florida and owns a small aerospace engineering company that specializes in launch operations and cryogenic system design.

Having attended air shows from childhood, he started flying in them in 1976, initially with his Great Lakes biplane, and most recently with ANGEL 7. Mike says of this experience: "It's wonderful having the ability to fly and participate in a variety of aviation related activities. Airplanes and aerospace were my first loves as a child and continue to be a fundamental part of our family. ". Mike adds: "I purchased Angel-7 from the original owner, Pete Jacobs. Pete is a terrific guy and Angel-7 was his vision. I'm just the new caretaker. It's great to see the pride and patriotism generated by ANGEL 7. I'm proud to display the plane and delighted that it is so well received."

Mike is a member of the EAA, Warbirds of America, AOPA, NATA, Valiant Air Command, the Florida EAA Warbirds Chapter and the Classic Jet Aircraft Association.



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